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Global & Cultural awareness activities

Awareness & Motivational Sessions

Students are periodically invited to attend lectures designed to increase their awareness of global & local issues in addition to inspirational success stories from speakers from different walks of life. We had speakers such as Indian actor Arfi Lamba (Slumdog Millionaire movie), Dr. Hani Hamroush who is an American Embassy Scientific Affairs Specialist, Dr. Salah Araf who is a physics professor who gave us a lecture about community development, and Mr. Omar Samra who is the first Egyptian and youngest Arab to climb Mount Everest.



Cultural Trips

The Egyptian Heritage course for freshmen provides encourages them to learn more about cultural dynamics that sustained Egyptian civilization. The course consists of lectures, seminars, workshops, class projects, presentations, as well as visits to sites & museums. Our students should know about their country's history, we try to do that by organizing trips to places like Giza Pyramids, Islamic Cairo, and Modern Cairo. These are some photos from these trips.