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Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities give donors the chance to pay tribute to family, friends or community leaders by naming particular University buildings, areas, professorships, scholarships, fellowships or programs after them.

Naming opportunities are available for the following areas:

Professorships (as an Endowment) 

An endowed professorship in NU is the highest honor that can be awarded to a faculty member. It distinguishes the recipient as a leader in his/her field. 

Professorships are awarded to the scientist or scholar whose work best represents the ideals of the University and fulfills its mission of contributing to the development of the technology-driven economies of Egypt and the region through the pursuit of education and research at the highest levels of excellence. 

Donors can support this effort by providing the funding to name an endowed professorship, covering the salary and benefits for a chosen faculty member. This naming opportunity allows the donor to choose the department and some of the criteria used to select the faculty member. 

Because it is always a great privilege to be chosen, an endowed professorship allows the university to honor valued professors for their work in and out of the classroom.


Fellowships (as an Endowment) 

Fellowships are designed to cover tuitions for research assistants and provide them with financial support, thus allowing them to focus on their academic and research advancement. 

Research is one of the Nile University's focus areas. Fellowships help to ensure that the university maintains an adequate supply of talented young men and women who have the ability to achieve the level of innovation and cutting-edge research that is expected from such an institution.


Schools and Programs (as One-time Contribution, Planned Contribution or Endowment) 

Larger contributions can be used to name one of the University's five schools:

  • School of Information and Communication Technology
  • Graduate School of Management of Technology
  • School of Business
  • School of Petroleum and Mining
  • School of Applied Sciences and Engineering
  • School of Petroleum and Energy (Opening soon)
  • New Schools planned in future expansion

Scholarships for Graduate and undergraduate Students:

Scholarships play an important role in the University’s ability to attract and enroll the most talented students by supporting both academically gifted students of merit and those students in need of financial aid in order to ensure equal opportunity to all students who seek world-class education in Egypt.

A gift of Scholarship allows the University to sustain this tradition and to widen the impact of the University on society by extending high quality education across Egypt’s different geographic and societal and economic sectors.

University Facilities:

-          Naming of the Main Auditorium: a 600 Seat Hall hosting all the University’s major educational, cultural and community events.auditorium

-          Naming of the University’s Center for Banking and Finance: A hub for the business and finance community in Egypt and the region providing state-of-the art facility for the various academic and training programs through direct exposure to business and financial concepts. In addition to enhancing financial education for the academic programs offered by NUBS, the center provides world-class research opportunities for students and researchers by providing real-time information and more accurate data; in addition to providing the opportunity to publish such work through annual conferences organized by the center.

-          Naming of Research Building

-          Naming of University Library

-          Naming of Students’ Housing

Naming Opportunities

-          Naming of the Executive Education Quarter

-          Naming of lecture halls, classrooms & labs

-          Naming of Sports Facilities

-          Naming of University Cafeteria

-          Trees, seats and other exterior and interior building elements: Every gift big or small makes a difference. You can show your support to NU and at the same time commemorate your name or the memory of family or loved ones by donating the cost of a seat in NU’s Main Auditorium, the cost of a tree or other elements that contribute towards an overall more complete and pleasant  learning environment to NU students, faculty, researchers or visitors.